Recognition and Gratitude

I am the most appreciative owner of three of Al Williams’s LightMusic works of art: “Stomp”, “Forest for the Trees” and “Minstrel.” Not only are they the most unique form of art I own, but they also draw more interest, comments, and awe

then I could have ever imagined.


They are certainly conversation pieces, but I found an even greater purpose to these art pieces. Whenever I need a peaceful moment, I turn them on and sit back in my comfortable chair and enjoy their whimsical enchantment. They have served as a centering cornerstone for me for two and a half years. Best investment I ever made!  I provide these words of appreciation because I enjoy these extraordinary works so much.


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to a creative genius. 

Bob Burkey – San Antonio, TX


We commissioned Al Williams, with LightMusic, to create a standing lamp/art piece out of my partner’s family heirloom trombone.


The results were stunning!  We love it!  We would highly recommend LightMusic to anyone who wants to immortalize a musical instrument that is broken or unusable and transform it into a functional piece of art that can live on for generations to come!


Ramona Lisa Beeson – Seattle, WA

Moody Blues


All Through the House is now living in my art studio. I noticed it from nearly 20 yards away. It spoke to me, and I had to have it and I couldn’t be more pleased.


It’s an inspiring piece made by an inspiring person. It was a pleasure to meet, talk to, see, and now own a piece of his work. Check his creations out, you will not
be disappointed…

R. Ahlvers  – Vancouver, WA

Unusual Request

Al has a certain set of skills!! I began collecting agates on the beaches of Oregon and polished several up. I had a hazy vision of putting them in some sort of lamp so light could shine through their ethereal translucence.


I related my dilemma to Al. Instantly, his creative juices percolated. He brought my sketchy vision to glorious reality in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, even incorporating an old brass family lamp in the masterpiece!


I couldn’t be more pleased with Al’s ability to lend rich talent and creativity to a rudimentary vision. The result? A completely unique, bespoke heirloom that I’ll enjoy forever…

S.D. Hill  – Bozeman, MT

All Through the House
Agate Lamp

Strike a chord

I have two of these great creations and I cannot express how beautiful AND functional they are.  My guests constantly comment on their cleverness, beauty, and uniqueness.  Check them out Al is sure to have one that strikes a chord

with you.

T. Johnson –  Edina, MN

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