LightMusic sculptures can be leased.

Incandescent Ambiance is an exclusive rental/leasing program by LightMusic in which a restaurant, bar, nightclub, café, or hotel can lease a minimum of six LightMusic sculptures (lamps) for a specified period of time with a monthly fee. The monthly fee is based on a significantly reduced cost from the standard manufacturers' suggested retail price. 

At the end of the lease term, the client would have the options to either purchase the lamps

retain ownership, roll the lease over for six new lamps and continue, or choose to

discontinue, at which time the lamps would be returned. 

The benefits of having LightMusic sculptures in your establishment are

they provide light, ambiance, and conversation pieces for your patrons

which encourages them to linger longer and increase their spending.

As a lease program, no long-term commitment is required, and no permanent

investment is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the additional ambiance, thus minimizing financial risk. Nightclubs and bars that provide live music would especially benefit, as LightMusic sculptures appreciate and celebrate music, just like it’s patrons. Other areas benefiting from out-of-the-ordinary, subtle light fixtures would be hotel bars, conversation nooks, and quite reflection seating   

What is Ambiance and why is it so important?

The ambiance is the mood, character, quality, tone, and atmosphere of an environment. The very nature of its intangibility is what makes it mysterious. 

It is key to getting customers to keep coming back to

dine out or return to stay and enjoy the experience as

well as for the quality of the food and fixtures in a

particular establishment.

One very critical aspect that creates excellent feelings

and emotions is the amount and type of lighting of

your office, store, restaurant, bar, or hotel. Without

apparent attention, they are massive contributors to the

overall ambiance of your establishment and can

influence your customer's moods and emotions. For

instance, colors like red increase blood pressure and

appetite, while colors such as blue reduce it and create

a calming atmosphere.

Research in environmental psychology has revealed that ambiance has a powerful effect on customer's attitudes, emotions, and behavior. With its practical use, you can positively influence your customers' experience with your business.

Lighting is the third part of interior design that's so important. Light helps create an atmosphere for each table, alcove, or conversation area. If you have the wrong lighting, it prevents the effectiveness of other elements you're using to make your environment pleasant.

A final part of ambiance to consider is signage or other decorative aspects. Signs and decor, especially lighting, are a great way to call attention to your place of business and communicate what your ambiance is. The decor is critical for ambiance purposes only. Whether it's functional or decorative, make sure your fixtures are consistent with the rest of your ambiance you are trying to create.

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"Light creates ambiance and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure."

Le Corbusier


"The past becomes a texture, an ambiance to

our present."

Paul Scott


"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being."

Carl Jung

Most of us don't put much thought into the way light might be affecting our mood. But if you find yourself smiling on sunny days or feeling more creative with the lights turned down low, it's no coincidence. The different kinds of light around to can have a real impact on our emotional health and wellbeing.


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