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Universally accepted and extensively understood, our planetary system revolves around the sun. Symbolically representing the sun, the main light is a large orange globe and an LED-lit ‘Earth’ marble hovers nearby. The night light is another orange circle (Saturn or mars perhaps?) Other non-lighted marbles are placed within the Universe.


20 inches tall  |  11 inches wide  |  8 inches as its depth  |  Price: $375.00 plus shipping  

Light Justice



Euterpe (Ευτερπη) was one of the Muses, the daughters of Mnemosyne, fathered by Zeus. Called the “Giver of delight.” When later poets assigned roles to each of the Muses, she was the muse of music. An elegant aluminum art deco styled woman reaches toward the sky holding a brass trumpet horn. Below her, three blue night lights subtly illuminate the dark.


28 inches tall  |  11 inches wide  |  5 inches as its depth  |  Price: $550.00 plus shipping 

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