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Grande Dame

Mounted on a vintage mantle clock case, Grande Dame is certainly grand. A small bisque doll’s head is lit from within, while an Edison reproduction tube-bulb silhouettes the doll’s head from behind. A rotating ceramic doll’s arm on the trumpet bell controls the main light. A typewriter button on either side of the clock face operates the night lights.   


48 inches tall  |  17 inches wide  |  7 inches as its depth  |  Price: $525.00 plus shipping  

Honky Tonk

A brass one-valve trumpet is mounted on a child’s toy piano with a steam-punk winged heart design. The night light is a green glow above the keyboard. The single valve on the trumpet operates the main light, while a toggle switch on the side of the piano turns the night light on. 


36 inches tall  |  9 inches wide  |  7 inches as its depth  |  Price: $475.00 plus shipping  


Coronado Blue

A brass trumpet mounted on top of an early car radio. Two toggle switches on the front operate the lights independently. The night light is housed in the metal radio box as a green bulb and is turned on by the toggle switch on the left. The right one operates the main light. 


34 inches tall  |  7 inches wide  |  7 inches as its depth  |  Price: $450.00 plus shipping  

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