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Memories Forgotten

A deeply personal piece, Memories Forgotten is my old Emperador acoustic guitar that I always wished to play (well) but never devoted the required practice time…hence (fond) Memories Forgotten. A rotating doll’s head inside the guitar body has two night light options controlled by the knob to the right of the sound hole. The main light is turned off and on by a pull chain on the socket.


36 inches tall  |  16 inches wide  |  4 inches as its depth  |  Price: $715.00 plus shipping

Lion’s Song

Lion’s Song is a mandolin body on a cast iron gear base.  A carved lion’s head gilded in gold leaf is the headstock of the mandolin. The main light is an LED Edison reproduction bulb. An actual battery-powered clock movement is mounted to the front. Dropdown access for battery replacement. The inside body features a lighted metal doll’s head as the night light. Wind up music box. Lights are controlled by two toggle switches on the faceplate.


46 inches tall  |  12 inches wide  |  12 inches as its depth  |  Price: $617.50 plus shipping 


Tickling the ivories, Linus stands proud on a child’s toy piano. A milk glass torchiere shade is operated by a large key switch on the socket. The night light is a band of LED lights under the piano body powered by AAA batteries and is controlled by a ‘Moonman character’ toggle switch on the back of the baby grand piano. 


25 inches tall  |  6 inches wide  |  7 inches as its depth  |  Price: $422.00 plus shipping  

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