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A brass trumpet mounted on a green glass globe and a gold cast-iron round filigree base. The main light is operated by the chrome faucet handle extending from the oval copper box at the lower tube in the trumpet. A chrome oval shut-off valve turns to light the inside of the trumpet bell. The round wooden box with a butterfly emblem contains a wind-up music box playing a melody entitled “Memories.”


33 inches tall  |  6 inches wide  |  6 inches as its depth  |  Price: $525.00 plus shipping


An Edison reproduction bulb is mounted on a purple anodized trumpet with the word plasma cut-out word  ‘Play’ mounted in the trumpet. The base is a part of an old metronome, part red plexiglass box with a night light inside showing behind photo negatives. A vintage faucet handle rotates to operate both the main and night light.


30 inches tall  |  12 inches wide  |  6 inches as its depth  |  Price: $455.00 plus shipping


The main light is an Edison reproduction light bulb and is operated by push-through ceramic doll arms on the socket. A gold coronet is mounted on a black, cast-iron stove part with filigree cut-outs. The secondary night light is an LED bulb under the coronet in a formed blue plexiglass housing. A pull switch operates the night light on the bell. A small toy airplane is mounted proudly under the shade.


24 inches tall  |  9 inches wide  |  9 inches as its depth  |  Price: $552.00 plus shipping

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