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Red Airstream

Red Airstream is a silver cornet mounted on a filigree gold cast-iron base. The main light and the night light inside the base are operated by a vintage turning knob at the front of the cornet. A miniature red spaceship is lit from inside illuminated by an LED battery powered light.


26 inches tall  |  9 inches wide  |  9 inches as its depth  |  Price: $525.00 plus shipping


A brass trumpet sits on top of a darkroom print exposure timer that still works and can either have a timed (up to 60 seconds) of power from the electrical receptacle on the right of the base. It can also be switched to provide constant power to another electrical device, such as a clock. The cream-colored knob on the upper left of the Time-O-Lite base controls both the main light and the green Trumpet Flower light. Brugmansia is actually the scientific botanical name for the trumpet flower.


35 inches tall  |  5 inches wide  |  5 inches as its depth  |  Price: $560.00 plus shipping 

Queen Robusto

Main Edison reproduction bulb is activated by a push-through switch on the socket with typewriter keys on buttons. The silver vintage Singer sewing machine light is mounted vertically with a red plexiglass tube which functions as the night light, and is switched on by turning the black knob clockwise on top of the first valve. Her name is derived from the fact the doll’s head is wearing a crown and the Robusto cigar case.


30 inches tall  |  8 inches wide  |  7 inches as its depth  |  Price: $520.00 plus shipping

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