You can have LightMusic immortalize that precious instrument you own.

Do you long to give a gift that will truly never be forgotten…you remember that look on Grandpa’s face when he played…a saved memory that can never be duplicated…you would listen for hours as he made the music come alive for you…it would be a cherished piece of your family history…an heirloom…a gift of tribute.

Imagine having that memory of his joy every day in your living room. 
LightMusic can turn that old, dusty, dented instrument you have collecting dust in the attic into a sculpture that lights up, just like he did for you. You can commission LightMusic to bring those memories alive for you.

Begin at the beginning…

Your loved one’s instrument will be used, so the first step is to ship it to me along with a $250.00 deposit. After careful inspection and contemplation, a design will manifest, and I will be able to give you an accurate estimate (generally around the $500.00 range.) Please note, I won’t be able to determine the return shipping cost until after the piece is completed. If this gift is for a particular reason and a deadline is required, please allow at least a 90 day lead time for me to create the perfect memory. They are sculptures that happen to light up!

Do you have a project to propose? Just send me an                     and we will get your heirloom started.

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