Experience Light Differently
LightMusic – “Music gives your soul wings.”
Each LightMusic sculpture must contain the following four elements:
First of all, a broken musical instrument at the end of its intended life is used as the central feature. Secondly, a main light to be used like any table lamp. The third element is the secondary nightlight and the fourth is the addition of a candle holder for when electricity isn’t available.  Broken instruments are given new, useful lives to celebrate their beauty in design and the magic of their function. Those elements together with references to wings, flight, whimsy, and time all combine to present Plato’s paraphrased quote of  “Music gives your soul wings.” 
LightMusic is about joy.
There are several versions and the actual quote is unknown, but a simplified generally accepted version of classical Greek philosopher Plato’s quote is: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” and I’ve chosen to borrow it in an even shorter paraphrased version: “Music gives your soul wings.” which is descriptive of how music and the instruments that create it can reframe an entire day for us. It can turn our mood from blue to brilliant, in a flash! LightMusic celebrates the capability of those once noble musical instruments in the hands of the virtuosos who made them sing; giving new life to cast-off instruments by creating sculptures combining light, whimsy and smiles. LightMusic – Sculptures that happen to light up.
Luminist – Al Williams
As a self-proclaimed  ‘Luminist’ (a word that doesn’t actually exist) I mimic a style of painting called luminism. Luminism attempts to render the effects produced by direct and reflected light, while keeping in mind the beauty and magic of all musical instruments. They have, in their intended purpose, being able to produce sounds that comfort the savage beast. I want to celebrate that concept and extend their active lives.

“As design becomes mainstream, people are going to want individuality and the special touch that will make their interiors remarkable.”

Those with musical appreciation – as well as actual musicians – will embrace a distinctive lamp that nobody else can have. LightMusic is one-of-a-kind.
Light up!
luminist@lightmusic.design or designer@awshadows.com

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How can I bring light into your life? If you have any questions about LightMusic, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.